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Welcome to my blog!I'm Daphne, an Italian girl who's currently studying Japanese.Here I will talk about Otomes, my current obsession, and I will post my art, but sometimes I reblog random funny stuff!My soulmate is Captain Alan from Pirates in Love (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)Feel free to ask anything else!See ya!


akidrana: aww thank you! I remembered that you requested/asked a chibi Ryoichi, and it’s not like I ignored you, in fact I’m 50% done with it, but I forgot to tell you (and tell everybody) that I was going to do every Voltage character xD and the SitSC guys are the first I’m going to post x3 So it’s just a matter of time >3<

But for the meantime, here’s a very sorry Ryoichi because I was super late at answering xD
(I post it as a photoset because it has a better resolution xD)

12:51am · Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014 · 56 notes
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    I shall enjoy the beauty that is Ryoichi! (Saeki’s gonna kill me when he finds out) 😆
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    Waaaaaaa ❤️ This is perfect OMG he looks so cute I love you! Thank you for making this x3
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    Ohh chloekinomi This is adorable
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