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Welcome to my blog!I'm Daphne, an Italian girl who's currently studying Japanese.Here I will talk about Otomes, my current obsession, and I will post my art, but sometimes I reblog random funny stuff!My soulmate is Captain Alan from Pirates in Love (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)Feel free to ask anything else!See ya!

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Hi, I saw your tags on the United States's education post. Actually, the education system has been overhauled recently, so most questions are open answers now. From what I've heard, these questions are also graded on your phrasing and length of answer. Yup. We're all going to die.

I’m sorry but here it’s always been like that.

I don’t think I’ve ever had any multiple choice tests, not even in elementary school. and since then we have oral tests, something I don’t think you do in the Usa (? never been there sadly), which are difficult. really difficult. And they’re more difficult if you’re shy like me, I know of people who have panic attacks because of them, and even I had them, and crying before the whole class it’s not funny at all (don’t get me wrong, I had studied). I don’t want to make this post long but at least here in Italy, school is so fucked up that it’s almost more important “to be friendly” with your professors than to really know things.

I’ve had many profs that based their votes on their liking. If you were person X your grades could be 6 or 7 (on a grade of 0/10 - but in my school it was 0/9 because… well I don’t know. They just didn’t give 10), if you were Y, they were 4 or 5 and if you were their favorite you could have the best grades. and sometimes studying didn’t make the difference, If they wanted to give you a bad grade they could, because they weren’t multiple choices tests.
They really could ruin your (school) life. 

I remember my friends asking for M.C. tests to my teachers AS A JOKE. because they were so much easier to do! But of course they never did that.

Also, I’ve never been in the USA but I have friends who did (for a year or more) and they always say that the arguments of the tests are easier.

And this is not to say “ah-ha our school system is more fucked up we won”. It’s to say that NOT ONLY americans have that problem. The School system is fucked up almost everywhere.

Zain’s main route for GREE summary!



I won’t be post the high quality CG since I believe everyone already got his CG in your phone lol (If you haven’t, send me and ask and I will send it to you) but I will be do the most detailed summary I ever do, why?

Because I’m impressed on how the GREE story make everything go so smooth and well written. (yet so short)

LONG. Yes it’s very long summary one, so apologize for mobile & tablets user for the ‘read more’ option still not working until now! 

All the summary base of cracking memory, cracking Japanese knowledge, and the screenshot, CG and anything about the character all belong to Voltage.inc. 

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"an online test is the same as a medical diagnosis"

you heard them. get all of your diagnoses from quizilla

update: i just received some grim news……. i’ve been diagnosed as ichigo kurosaki

fuck i’m hilarious


For hikarunohana, because why not?

OMG you’re good! But I don’t think I know the song xD gotta search it later x3

how would Morgan react to his kid hiting Alan between the legs and calling him childish insults?( Like meanie head, or stupid face)


Morgan would laugh his ass off and say “Thats my (girl/boy)!” proud father moment


Well I’m excited. C:

I want the blue utapri guy.


Fun facts about your sign here


Because I am boss at packing and finished a half hour earlier than I needed to, I was able to get my glassed added on :D Everyone said I wasn’t Kay without the specs (even husband said it upped my sass factor by some equation that went right over my head) so I acquiesced and bring you Megane Kay~

I kept holding this picture up to my hubby and asking “Does it actually look like me? Did I get (insert body part) right?” and he would just laugh and give this big speach about how my style makes particular things different, but how I did a great job of translating myself onto the page. So, with that, I’m pretty happy. Colouring will be simple, but will have to wait as I’m doing a rather large piece atm and am leaving for Texas in an hour :) 

I’ll be around via mobile, and will be in contact with the give away winners on Wednesday/Thursday at midnight, but there wont be any art until Sat/Sunday when I get back. See you guys later and be safe while I’m gone <3 

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Forbidden Love time event: Night date with…

From 25 August - 4 September 2014

angyvalentine are you ready for BigBrotha~? xD



To thank all of my lovely and sweet friends and followers I am doing my first ever giveaway! 

First thing’s first there are some 


  1. No giveaway blogs. I WILL BE CHECKING
  2. Likes and reblogs will count, but please don’t spam your followers :)
  3. You must be willing to share your shipping info with me. I promise once it has been input into the proper channels it will be wiped from my memory :) 
  4. In particular cases, I would like you to be over 18 due to the nature of my art, but we can discuss that if you win and are below that age. 

And now, for the prizes~

  1. First place: You will get to choose Any print from my shop (if I don’t have a favorite of yours there don’t worry, I will gladly put it up) as well as a Pillow OR Tote OR Phone case of your choice. Along with a $20 Itunes/ Google play gift card
  2. Second Place: You will get to choose Any Print from my shop (Same thing applies from above) OR a Pillow/Tote/Phone cover from my shop, as well as a $15 Itunes/Google play card
  3. Third Place: You will get a lovely $15 itunes/google play giftcard, and an ehug from me :) 

The giveaway will close on Aug, 20th at 12:00 am. For my dear friends in countries that my silly print shop doesn’t ship to, I will be ordering your goods and shipping them myself, so do don’t fret, you will still be eligible to enter (´ω`) Thank you guys for being so AWESOME! 

Due to the amount of people reblogging this (Omg you guys are hella) I wanted the sweeten the pot just a bit and add something!

●1st place will also get to choose a profile drawing and have it added to a SECOND pillow/tote! I will draw the character of your choice if I haven’t drawn them yet, or upload it to the shop if I already have.

You guys are freaking awesome, and I am so thankful to have such wonderful friends!!

❝ I think everyone’s capable of love, no matter what their upbringing. You don’t need any qualifications. ❞

- Main Character/MC (Our Two Bedroom Story)


Chris Evans: a summary in text posts


No but seriously

In general, If you’re gonna hate on art people put a fuckload of time and effort into making, then you can just fuck right off tbh



I’ve trained you well.

PFFFt I desperately want to see that bitch’s face after he told her that

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