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Welcome to my blog!I'm Daphne, an Italian girl who's currently studying Japanese.Here I will talk about Otomes, my current obsession, and I will post my art, but sometimes I reblog random funny stuff!My soulmate is Captain Alan from Pirates in Love (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)Feel free to ask anything else!See ya!

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Holy shit 700 of you?!


I look up from my tablet for a second to notice that at some point I crossed the 700 follower threshold. I told my husband this (who you must remember is an Engineer and thinks math is ‘Fun’) who got this goofy grin on his face and said:

"I’m boning the popular girl!" 

I just… literally did the most ear shattering laugh for about 3 minutes. What a goober~

fashion encyclopedia: Deluchy by Saiid Kobeisy

Is Alan less... um... creepy in his own route? I've only really met him through Eduardo's main route and he came off as very well... creepy?

Alan is a sweetie pie, I promise! In Eduardo’s route I admit he is strange but I can assure you that he is like that only there and that nobody hates him or doesn’t like him after playing his route! He’s a bit of a pervert but he’s more funny than creepy! (And there are a lot of newer voltage characters who are worse than him lol). The best routes to understand him are his own (of course) and Morgan’s xD please let me know what you think of his routes if you’re going to play him! x3

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Look at that sexy Alan tho rawrrr *^*


*internal screaming*


Mitsunari Baba


KAY I CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT KEITH AND YAKOV. Would they be besties or enemies?!? I'm up for some angry sex too but I feel bad for Eddie!


Ooohhh they would be like those mean girl friends who would trash talk people when they were together. All “Did you see his royal sash? Only 3 medals?” “I don’t know who is he trying to fool. That idiot probably drew them on with shaprie.”

Judging Judging You animated GIF

But when one turns their back on the other it’s all

Hayden Panettiere I Hate You animated GIF

It’d be more fun for them to play the game then it would be to fight it out hahahaha. Oh god now I want to see this in action <3 hikarunohana

Pfft me too! I wanted Yakov to meet the other princes in his route damnit! But I’m pretty sure they would have the love for animal printed clothes and furry things in common xD


Fun facts about your sign here

Cause you're awesome at these things tell me, what kind of reaction would the PIL guys have if the mc was better than them at something......? Thx


I think for all of them it would depend on what it was! For the most part they’d be proud of her except in the following circumstances….

Russell would get really flustered if she somehow managed to get better at fencing than him! He’d even sulk it out for a bit, but eventually he’d get over it.

Eduardo probably wouldn’t like her being better than him at anything. And if she was, he wouldn’t let her (or anyone) know. Better than him at laundry? Simply have her do all the laundry so no one can compare.

Christopher would be proud of her no matter what! He’d teach her to the best of his ability in whatever skill it is (medicine-making, bandaging, etc.) and would be very pleased when she surpasses him— after all, it means he’s a great teacher.

Nathan would get very frustrated if she ever got better than him at cooking. Very frustrated; it’s his thing! However, he’d soon get over it, and (grudgingly) accept cooking lessons from her.

Thomas… isn’t she already better than him at a lot of things? It’s canon that he’s in awe of her courage and quick thinking!

Morgan, regardless of the truth, would keep on acting like nothing had changed. Better than him at swordplay? He’d just keep on playing hero and she his damsel in distress. Better than him at drinking? More chances to get drunk! Better than him at sex? Okay, well, there he’d have a problem….

Alan already knows that MC is much braver than he is! It’s all the more reason that he loves her, since she helps make him a better person.

Leonardo would be very pleased if she ever surpassed him at swordplay. He wouldn’t worry so much about her travelling on a pirate ship without him there to protect her.



First panel: Daph likes it 8)

Second panel: awwwww (but Keithster is my number one lion prince sorry Kev)

Kevin, please don’t give me a reason to want to smack you around like your granddaddy. *crosses fingers*

Eehh… I heard Keith say “THAT’S MY BOY” a bunch of times while playing xD

otomesass RobertOliveRafiki beuheuehue

Yes this game is totally unfair cause I love the other princes (and butlers) but then BUM Sieg comes and he’s like “LOVE ME” and I’m like “NOOO! I’M GOING TO LOVE IVAN AND A(S)LAN” But then he wins and I don’t even love Joshua, I mean he’s cute but Keith and Edward are my favorites and unnnnghh

And then when I surrender to Sieg BUM! There’s that cutie pie Hans that becomes a sexy beast with his hair down and I’m there like “CAN WE HAVE A THREESOME OR SOMETHING YES THANK YOU”


First panel: Daph likes it 8)

Second panel: awwwww (but Keithster is my number one lion prince sorry Kev)

I love your icon photo of Alan! He looks so funny there! XD

Ahaha thank you! Sadly i don’t have many pics of Alan so I have to use the few I have, even if they’re small *sniff* T.T


A Takuto from Love Letter from Thief X I just finished drawing, I’ll put him on my deviantart account eventually when I’m not lazy. He will be a block mark he isn’t 100% done yet though because I must ask my friend Ashley how she wants it to look :3 I’m so proud of this little Takun!

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